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As Your Next State Representative Charlene Will Fight To: 

Access Funding For Our Public Schools & Colleges 

  • As your HCC Trustee, Charlene fought to expand dual credit and senior waivers that allowed all high school students to enroll at no cost at participating colleges.
  • Charlene will fight to FULLY fund our public schools, regardless of a child's zip code
  • She will never support Abbott's voucher scam. 

Regain Control of HISD 

  • Provide resources to help protect other ISD's from a TEA takeover.

Expand Healthcare 

  • Charlene will fight to expand healthcare access, and make prescription drugs more affordable.
  • She will stand up for women's reproductive rights and fight further attacks on abortion access. 

Help Our Seniors 

  • Charlene will work to lower property taxes, so our seniors can keep their homes and build generational wealth.
  • She will work to make healthcare more affordable for our retirees, and lower prescription drug costs. 

Create Local Jobs & Opportunities 

  • Charlene will fund job training, vocational education and upskilling programs that help the community access high-quality careers.
  • She will work hand-in-hand with local businesses, community partners, labor unions and our public schools to ensure our community has high-paying jobs. 




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